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Senatet stemte 90-6 i favør av å opprettholde GTMO som et illigalt fengsel mai 26, 2009

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This goes way beyond strange bedfellows. But it looks like Dick Cheney has emerged as the single most forceful proponent of a full investigation of the Bush administration’s torture policies.

In an interview on CBS’s Face The Nation, the ex-veep claimed, as he has before, that the Obama administration’s rejection of torture has made us less safe. But he also went further ever in repeatedly arguing – contra congressional Republicans — that we need to look back at the details of the torture program before moving forward.

President Obama’s commitment to reverse and investigate Bush’s brutal and illegal detention and interrogation policies is under real threat.

Torture advocates like former Vice-President Dick Cheney, perhaps fearing personal consequences for their actions, have launched a massive campaign to oppose Obama – and, incredibly, they’re winning. Even many members of Obama’s own party are now withdrawing support for the closure of Guantanamo Bay. If a country like the US refuses to reject these policies, it will be a massive global step backwards for the cause of human rights.

Obama’s proclamation that we would close GTMO within the year is impotent if the man stands alone. As a community of responsible, moral, and ethically observant people we need to do our part in ensuring that The President is not alone in his stand against illegal detention and prisoner mistreatment.

The situation at GTMO is completely unacceptable, not just because of the illegal nature if the detention (indefinite detention with no charges or trials), but because of the conditions at GTMO itself.

To make sure we’re heard, let’s put up a massive billboard right in the middle of Washington DC, where all the political staffers pass by every day. The billboard will point to what we want – the closure of Guantanamo this year, all the victims of secret prisons accounted for, an independent investigation into past torture practices, those who authorized or committed acts of torture held accountable, and effective detention and interrogation practices that respect the rule of law in all ongoing wars.

As President Obama himself said in his National Security speech this week – these past ‘War on Terror’ policies were illegal, ineffective, alienated the United States and increased global insecurity. But, in the last two weeks decisions have been made about Guantanamo, military commissions, and photos of torture that put the «Hope over Fear’ doctrine at risk. He is up against dangerous populist forces and unless stopped now, something quite frightening could emerge – a world of indefinite preventative detention, ongoing rendition and impunity.

It is a crucial time to tell President Obama that we expect him to act on his principles and values and not just hear them in fine rhetoric.

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Produsert av FBI mai 25, 2009

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Det som hørtes ut til å være et nytt angrep på USA, og jødene der, for litt over en uke siden, har nå vist seg å være et oppsett av FBI selv. Et skremmende terrorangrep ble annonsert, så fant man ut at de mistenkte var en hjelpeløs gruppe med wanna bees uten noe som helst forbindelse med noen terrorister. Til slutt finner man ut av, lik den siste pusslebrikken i spillet, at det hele har blitt laget av en regjeringsagentprovokatør.

FBI Blows it: Supposed Terror Plot Against NY Synagogues is Bogus